Pull private images from DockerHub with Terraform AWS + Fix "Too Many Requests (HAP429)"

Docker hub provides a free image registry, including one private repo and unlimited public repos. In this guide I will show you how to pull a docker image by authenticating using Terraform and AWS.

There are two advantages of doing authentication on DockerHub:

  1. It allows you to create and pull private images
  2. Avoids Too Many Requests (HAP429) error message

Point one is very clear, if we want to pull a private image from the docker hub we need to authenticate ourselves. The second point instead concerns all those errors due to the fact that Docker restricts the pull of public images based on pricing tier.


There are various issues on github ( Docker Issue #1907..) and the errors are as follows:

> error parsing HTTP 429 response body: invalid character 'T' looking for beginning of value: "Too Many Requests (HAP429).\n"


> BUILD_CONTAINER_UNABLE_TO_PULL_IMAGE: Unable to pull customer's container image. CannotPullContainerError: error pulling image configuration: toomanyrequests: Too Many Requests. Please see https://docs.docker.com/docker-hub/download-rate-limit/

How to pull a docker image on CodeBuild with authentication on Docker Hub?

The AWS tutorial is very clear.

  • Add doker hub credentials on Secret Manager service

Secret Manager service

  • To configure the build environment of codebuild, in Environment, choose Custom image -> Other Registry and enter the ARN of the credentials previously created with Secret Manager

Secret Manager service

How can I bring this configuration on terraform?

( It is assumed that the Codebuild resource configuration already exists. )

  • Create the variable containing the ARN of Secret Manager
variable "docker_hub_secret_arn" {
  type = "string"
  • Append inside the codebuild policy permissions for secretsmanager:GetSecretValue
  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Resource": "${var.docker_hub_secret_arn}",
  "Action": [
  • Finally in the configuration of codebuild environment, add the registry_credential field
environment {
    image_pull_credentials_type   = "SERVICE_ROLE"
    registry_credential {
      credential = "${var.docker_hub_secret_arn}"
      credential_provider = "SECRETS_MANAGER"

That's all. If you have problems, comment down below: